Found items can be picked up at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium security desk located at 99 Grove Street, San Francisco, CA, 94102. Hours are Monday-Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday 10am-4pm. Items will be available for pickup through Saturday, September 7.

Unclaimed Items

Items are sorted in order by the following categories: Bag, Camera, Cards, Keys, Misc, Phones, Wallet
Image Item Description Item ID Status
none Bag: Camera bag 309 Unclaimed
Img_1057 Bag: Level8 Backpack 331 Unclaimed
Img_1058 Bag: North Face Borealis Backpack 333 Unclaimed
Img_1059 Bag: Black & Gray Swiss Army Backpack 336 Unclaimed
Img_1061 Bag: Black Mesh Adidas Backpack 337 Unclaimed
Img_1062 Bag: Blue American Eagle Backpack 338 Unclaimed
Img_1063 Bag: Checkered Dickies Backpack 339 Unclaimed
Img_1064 Bag: Black Cinch Backpack with colorful pattern 340 Unclaimed
Img_1065 Bag: White Backpack with brown leather flap 341 Unclaimed
Img_1066 Bag: Orange Leather Backpack 342 Unclaimed
Img_1069 Bag: Black Folly Corinna Brand sequined leather purse 343 Unclaimed
Img_1070 Bag: Green ES backpack 344 Unclaimed
Img_1071 Bag: Black Jansport Backpack 350 Unclaimed
Img_1073 Bag: Black 353 Unclaimed
Img_1074 Bag: Black Jansport Backpack with Led Zeppelin Patch 355 Unclaimed
Img_1086 Bag: Intermountain Health Care Messenger Bag 380 Unclaimed
Img_1075 Bag: Black Jansport Backpack 357 Unclaimed
Img_1076 Bag: Black Eastpac Backpack 359 Unclaimed
Img_1185 Bag: Pink zipper pouch 533 Unclaimed
Img_1178 Bag: Purple cloth zipper pouch 526 Unclaimed
Img_1080 Bag: Black & Gray Nike Drawstring Backpack 373 Unclaimed
Img_1082 Bag: Gray & green drawstring backpack "Pacific Source" 376 Unclaimed
Img_1085 Bag: Black Purse 379 Unclaimed
Img_1195 Bag: Berghaus backpack 625 Unclaimed
Img_1087 Bag: Blue Drawstring Backpack "Tamalpais" 382 Unclaimed
Img_1077 Bag: North Face Heckler Backpack 365 Unclaimed
none Camera: Lens cap 497 Unclaimed
none Camera: Lens cap 496 Unclaimed
none Camera: Disposable camera 494 Unclaimed
Img_1148 Camera: Pink camera 486 Unclaimed
none Cards: Haight Ashbury Free Clinic ID 609 Unclaimed
none Cards: UC San Diego Student ID 611 Unclaimed
none Cards: Wells Fargo Platinum Debit Visa (6) 614 Unclaimed
none Cards: Bank of America Cash Rewards Visa 615 Unclaimed
none Cards: UnionBank MasterCard Debit 616 Unclaimed
none Cards: TSCU Debit Visa (1) 617 Unclaimed
none Cards: Discover Credit Card 618 Unclaimed
none Cards: Bank of the West MasterCard Debit 619 Unclaimed
none Cards: Alaska Airlines Visa Credit Card 622 Unclaimed
none Cards: Arvest Visa Debit Card 623 Unclaimed
none Cards: Saudi Aramco ID 463 Unclaimed
none Cards: AAdvantage Citi MasterCard (1) 610 Unclaimed
none Cards: Anthem Blue Cross Insurance Card 608 Unclaimed
none Cards: ChaseDebit Visa (5) 607 Unclaimed
none Cards: USAA Mastercard (2) 356 Unclaimed
none Cards: Clipper Card 605 Unclaimed
none Cards: Chase Freedom Visa (1) 604 Unclaimed
none Cards: Hawaiian Driver's License 600 Unclaimed
none Cards: Bank of America Debit Visa (6) 612 Unclaimed
none Cards: UC Berkeley Student ID 613 Unclaimed
none Cards: Redwood Credit Union Visa Check Card (2) 620 Unclaimed
none Cards: Visa Gift Card 621 Unclaimed
none Cards: American Express (1) 603 Unclaimed
none Cards: Costco Membership Card 602 Unclaimed
none Cards: California Dept of Consumer Affairs ID 601 Unclaimed
none Cards: 21 California Driver's Licenses 599 Unclaimed
none Cards: AAA Card 606 Unclaimed
none Keys: 36 sets of keys (Or single keys) 624 Unclaimed
none Misc: Blue fleece jacket 595 Unclaimed
none Misc: Sunglasses, Ray Ban 400 Unclaimed
none Misc: Sunglasses, black wayfarer 402 Unclaimed
none Misc: Red Tank 590 Unclaimed
none Misc: Reading glasses, Tommy Hilfiger 404 Unclaimed
none Misc: Sunglasses, heart shaped 405 Unclaimed
none Misc: Reading glasses, with rhinestones 408 Unclaimed
none Misc: Reading glasses, wire frame 410 Unclaimed
none Misc: Multicolored knit beanie 589 Unclaimed
none Misc: Reading glasses, Foster Grant 416 Unclaimed
none Misc: Glasses, Gazelle 426 Unclaimed
none Misc: Reading glasses, tortoise shell, women's 428 Unclaimed
none Misc: Reading glasses, Calvin Klein 431 Unclaimed
none Misc: Sunglasses, Oakley 433 Unclaimed
none Misc: Singlasses, Kiss 437 Unclaimed
none Misc: Sunglasses, Nissan, black 438 Unclaimed
none Misc: Reading glasses, tortoise shell, women's 444 Unclaimed
none Misc: Purple scarf 588 Unclaimed
none Misc: Reading glasses, black frame 451 Unclaimed
none Misc: Reading glasses, black frame 453 Unclaimed
none Misc: Sunglasses, Vince Camuto 454 Unclaimed
none Misc: Reading glasses, tortoise shell 458 Unclaimed
none Misc: Sunglass case 459 Unclaimed
none Misc: Sunglasses, Ray Ban 396 Unclaimed
none Misc: Sun hat 587 Unclaimed
none Misc: Quicksilver jacket 586 Unclaimed
none Misc: Black and Grey windbreaker 585 Unclaimed
none Misc: Brown knit cardigan 584 Unclaimed
none Misc: Black Windbreaker 582 Unclaimed
none Misc: Sunglasses, black wayfarer 395 Unclaimed
none Misc: Sheer black tank, button down 581 Unclaimed
none Misc: Reading glasses, tortoise shell 394 Unclaimed
none Misc: Sunglasses, Burberry 393 Unclaimed
none Misc: Alex and Ani Silver 392 Unclaimed
none Misc: Black iPhone case 498 Unclaimed
none Misc: White iPhone case 499 Unclaimed
none Misc: Black scarf 580 Unclaimed
none Misc: Square Reader 503 Unclaimed
none Misc: Micro SD Adapter 504 Unclaimed
none Misc: Bluetooth headset 505 Unclaimed
none Misc: Alex and Ani Bronze 391 Unclaimed
none Misc: Necklace with pendants 390 Unclaimed
none Misc: Silver colored ring 388 Unclaimed
none Misc: Watch, analog dial 387 Unclaimed
none Misc: Bronze colored ring 386 Unclaimed
none Misc: Bracelet, stone beads 385 Unclaimed
none Misc: Blue Beanie 562 Unclaimed
Img_1152 Misc: Tobacco Vaporizer Kit & more 491 Unclaimed
none Misc: Green and white tie dye scarf 598 Unclaimed
none Misc: Forest Green Forever 21 jacket 597 Unclaimed
none Misc: Black knit cardigan 596 Unclaimed
none Misc: Silver ring 389 Unclaimed
none Misc: Light, brown/coffee colored jacket 579 Unclaimed
none Misc: Sunglasses, Ray Ban 398 Unclaimed
none Misc: Forever 21 leather jacket 594 Unclaimed
none Misc: NFL Chargers jacket 592 Unclaimed
none Misc: Bangle RLL 384 Unclaimed
Img_1186 Misc: Leather journal 534 Unclaimed
Img_1188 Misc: US Passport 536 Unclaimed
Img_1189 Misc: German Passport 537 Unclaimed
Img_1190 Misc: German Passport 538 Unclaimed
Img_1191 Misc: German Passport 539 Unclaimed
none Misc: Binoculars 543 Unclaimed
none Misc: Purple and tan scarf 556 Unclaimed
none Misc: Gloves 563 Unclaimed
none Misc: Blue baseball cap 591 Unclaimed
none Misc: Grey, NorCal Hoodie 565 Unclaimed
none Misc: Navy blue, long sleeve pull over 566 Unclaimed
none Misc: Red striped beanie 578 Unclaimed
none Misc: NorCal brown sweater 568 Unclaimed
none Misc: Light Blue Cardigan 569 Unclaimed
none Misc: Zip up hoodie 570 Unclaimed
none Misc: La Costa Resort and Spa Baseball Cap 571 Unclaimed
none Misc: Red beanie 572 Unclaimed
none Misc: White fedora 573 Unclaimed
none Misc: Volcom Jacket 574 Unclaimed
none Misc: Patagonia jacket 575 Unclaimed
none Misc: Zip up hoodie 576 Unclaimed
none Misc: Brown Seven for all Mankind sweater 577 Unclaimed
none Misc: Mustard/Gold H&M Cardigan 567 Unclaimed
Img_1180 Phone: Black white & silver Nine West zipper wallet 527 Unclaimed
none Phone: Phone charger 500 Unclaimed
Img_1150 Phone: Black iPhone 4 488 Unclaimed
Img_1147 Phone: white iPod Touch 485 Unclaimed
Img_1146 Phone: Black iPhone 5, pink & white case 484 Unclaimed
Img_1145 Phone: LG T-Mobile 483 Unclaimed
Img_1141 Phone: HTC T Mobile 482 Unclaimed
Img_1142 Phone: Black iPhone 4 481 Unclaimed
none Phone: Reading glasses, Foster Grant 448 Unclaimed
none Phone: Reading glasses, Foster Grant 415 Unclaimed
none Phone: Sunglasses, tortoise shell, women's 403 Unclaimed
none Phone: leather H&M jacket 564 Unclaimed
Img_1184 Wallet: Metal card holder 531 Unclaimed
Img_1182 Wallet: Black & pink zipper pouch with "J" on front 529 Unclaimed
Img_1181 Wallet: Multicolored zipper wallet 528 Unclaimed
Img_1179 Wallet: Orange leather wallet 524 Unclaimed
Img_1177 Wallet: Brown leather and cloth OTW wallet 523 Unclaimed
Img_1176 Wallet: Cloth stars and stripes wallet 522 Unclaimed
Img_1172 Wallet: Black leather wallet 518 Unclaimed
Img_1170 Wallet: Black & brown leather Guess wallet 516 Unclaimed
Img_1166 Wallet: Leather clasp wallet 512 Unclaimed
Img_1164 Wallet: Blue leather Kate Spade wallet 510 Unclaimed
Img_1163 Wallet: Cal Poly Wallet 509 Unclaimed
Img_1162 Wallet: Black cloth wallet 508 Unclaimed
Img_1161 Wallet: Leather wallet with black bumpy exterior 507 Unclaimed
Img_1160 Wallet: Black Vinyl Wallet 506 Unclaimed
Img_1196 Wallet: Blue snakeskin leather wallet 626 Unclaimed

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